Offshore software development allows entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and big businesses hire highly skilled developers abroad for a fraction of the domestic hiring costs. Software development teams can be managed by yourself as if they were in the same office via online collaboration tools or our dedicated managers allocated to your team. You can additionally say goodbye to time consuming HR processes, office, and IT costs.
Turkey is known for its highly skilled IT professionals who can communicate and work in English. Time difference between Turkey and EU/UK allows your team members to work closely and in coherence with their software team in Turkey. Since Turkey is closely located to the EU/UK, you could come and work with your team members in the same office whenever you wish to do so. We encourage all our clients to come and visit our offices in Turkey.
Founders of Teccentra are software developers themselves and have over a decade of experience in developing software and hiring/managing talented team members. Our English-speaking representatives will ensure you have autonomy in the hiring and development processes without the language barrier. The meticulous Teccentra HR management will work diligently to find your ideal team member. As our founders are well experienced, working in the UK, they therefore share the ambition of UK companies. We are the perfect bridge between UK and Turkey for your offshore software development requirements.
Our primary aim is to provide our clients with an effortless, seamless hiring process. We vet the candidates thoroughly and only offer those that match your requirements. As a key stakeholder, we strongly encourage you to join or conduct the interviews with candidates to ensure your expectations are met before hiring them.
The minimum contract period for hiring offshore software development team is 12 months.
We are committed to offering a service where you are happy with the quality of the work done by the teams provided. We will endeavour to smooth out these issues for you and in an event where this doesn’t yield results, we will replace the team member at our own cost, until you are satisfied with the output of the team.
There is no minimum size for the team you want. You can hire just the one developer if that meets your requirement. However, we can provide more cost-effective options if you prefer to hire a team of developers.
Yes, we have access to a wide range of developers from graduates to technical leads/architects. The costs will vary based on their experience and skills.
It will be just as if you were working in the same office with your team. It is up to you how often you communicate with your team members. You could have daily meetings to keep up to date on their work or you could hire a project manager who keeps track of their tasks and reports to you.
Yes, we are able to provide professionals for all of your software development needs. We can provide project managers, QA and test professionals based on your requirements for technologies and level of experience.
We are able to provide software professionals in a wide range of technologies. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail and we will try our best to find suitable team members for your needs.
We ensure all candidates can converse in English before shortlisting them for your perusal. You will also have a chance to meet with the candidate before they are hired, even if the interview process was conducted by Teccentra. If you are not confident of a candidates proficiency in English language, we will try our best to find another one. Based on your requirements, we could also provide a software project manager, fluent in English, who can manage other team members not as fluent in English as you’d like.
Your team members will be located in our offices in Turkey. We will provide them with a permanent workplace complete with a modern PC and IT infrastructure. They can easily work alongside your office hours (possible for EU/UK). In case there is a problem with a team member, please get in touch with us and we will work hard to resolve this for you.
With over a decade of experience in countless challenging software projects, we are always keen to hear about your next exciting project. We can provide a wide range of software development services in web, mobile, desktop and service based technologies at an excellent quality. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.